News Highlights - March 2011 -
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News Highlights - March 2011

This month has nearly come to a close. The month of March has brought us several hot stories revolving around Microsoft and its Windows 8 operating system and Office 15 productivity suite. Before we gear up and head into next month's technology news battle, lets look back at the 10 most popular news headlines of March 2011.

Two more Windows 8 screenshots leak
Thus far, Microsoft has remained tight lipped about its upcoming flagship operating system, Windows 8. Fortunately for us, two new screenshots have been leaked to give us a little glimpse at the upcoming Windows 8.

Leaked Windows 8 Screenshots Show Improved Taskbar
You can thank whomever leaked these screenshots for ignoring Microsoft's admonition, "Let's not leak our hard work," because for the first time, here's the left side of the Windows 8 taskbar. The useful progress indicator of Windows 7 will reportedly show additional functions beyond the usual file transfer progress it shows now. In Windows 8, there will be progress indicators for hardware installation - here you can see it indicating progress while installing a mouse.

Windows Server 2011 nearing RTM
Looks like our wait is nearly over as Microsoft plans on finalizing the RTM builds of Windows Server 2011 by March 30th.

IE9 vs Chrome 10 vs Firefox 4 RC vs Opera 11.01 vs Safari 5
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes at ZDNet runs through the standard series of browser benchmarks comparing Microsoft's latest and greatest IE9 to the other major players: Firefox 4 RC, Chrome 10, Safari 5, and Opera 11.

Should you install Windows 7 Service Pack 1?
Ed Bott: Last week, Microsoft released Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. I’ve been monitoring the release in online forums and via individual reports since then.

Windows 8 System Restore Screenshot Leaked
Microsoft's hard work on Windows 8 is slowly being revealed in a variety of leaked screenshots. The latest is of the new system reset feature allowing a quick restore of the OS within minutes.

New Microsoft Office 15 screenshots emerge
New pictures emerged today for Office 15, Microsoft's next update to its popular software productivity suite. Not much is really known of the suite, except for a new "meeting" application that might make its debut. These leaked screenshots show us a glimpse of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and the about screen.

Internet Explorer 9 RTM download links now live
The wait is finally over. The download links for Internet Explorer 9 are now available and ready for your downloading pleasure. Microsoft yesterday confirmed rumors that it is releasing the next version of its Internet Explorer browser on March 14.

AT&T buys T-Mobile USA for $39 billion
The smartphone arena is getting hot these days. First Nokia and Microsoft form a partnership, and now AT&T plans on buying T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom in a cash-and-stock deal valued at about $39 billion dollars.

Microsoft uses Japanese disaster to boost Bing
Microsoft committed probably one of its worst mistakes since Windows ME. Recently, Microsoft launched a Twitter campaign using the horrific disaster in Japan as a way to boost Bing. Eventually, Microsoft realized they screwed up by doing this and apologized by donating money. But was the damage already done?

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