The newest VAIO notebook, the C15, is a “fashionable PC”

Kit McDonald

VAIO’s new model, the C15, follows the slogan “I like it,” with a unique branding of vibrantly colored laptops. Coming in four varieties, the color choices let customers pick out a style that really expresses their personality. Make a statement with choices such as are Yellow/Black, White/Copper, Navy/Gray, and Orange/Khaki. Yellow/Black


The C15 has a list of features that set it apart from most other laptops on the market:

  • Anti-Glare LCD to reflect external lights and helps bring relief to eye fatigue
  • Resounding bass subwoofer with high-quality speakers on the front
  • Full sized keyboard with a full numeric keypad and two-button touch pad

With the new specifications, the device isn’t much to compare The VAIO C15 has a standard 500GB HDD unless you want to opt into the quicker 1TB Fast Hybrid HDD. It also has the standard 5GHz wireless LAN. If that doesn’t solve your connection needs, the device has a total of four USB terminals (two on each side) with an HDMI port for bringing your monitor to the bigger screen. In fact, the laptop seems to be counting on the display to be transferred considering the standard monitor size is a 15.5-inch 1366 x 768 display.

Interesting enough, VAIO is allowing customers to choose between Windows 10 OS or Windows 7 Professional with Service Pack 1. Of course, all the Office 2016 and Office 365 options are available for selection as well.

Specifications aside, the C15 is described as a “fashionable PC” catered towards the business side of consumers rather than the typical Joe. And on that spectrum, it does its job with a rather sleek and professional appearance.

According to a Google translated image caption on the product page, the pre-order sale will start on September 1 and the device will launch on September 9th. Online purchases will be available in the Sony store for a standard price of about $641. Regular stores, according to the Verge, will be selling it for quite a bit more at approximately $910.