Newest Perforce SCM System Includes Automated Server Replication Technology

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Better support for high availability, disaster recovery, and load balancing

Wokingham, UK, January 19, 2011— Perforce Software's newest Software Configuration Management (SCM) system features improved replication technology to better distribute server load and eliminate downtime for disaster recovery and failover scenarios. Built-in server-to-server replication of metadata and archive contents makes it easier for system administrators to ensure data availability to keep teams productive 24/7.

"Perforce is a mission critical application for many of our customers and they rely on foolproof failover and disaster recovery strategies," said Dave Robertson, VP International, of Perforce Software. "While real-time server replication was always possible, this release makes it much quicker and easier for customers of all sizes to put automatic backup systems in place."

The Perforce Server is easy to install and administer. No third-party databases or application servers are required. One part-time administrator can typically manage a Perforce installation of hundreds of users.

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