New York retailer Fishs Eddy uses Microsoft Office solutions for impressive growth

Staff Writer

Office Touch

Working in a niche field of selling classic tableware, discovered in old restaurants, hotels and basements along the eastern seaboard, retailer Fishs Eddy needed a proper solution for their growing business. After the disaster of Hurricane Sandy, Fishs Eddy realized that a proper centralized solution for the company information, documents, contacts and scheduling was necessary to avoid future data disasters and to expand their business.

Previously using nothing more than index cards, founder Julie Gaines has come to love the efficiency and ease of use with Microsoft Office using, helping her better schedule her day and communicate with staff and suppliers. Taking things a step further is the company-wide use of Microsoft Office, allowing better communication and collaboration among the 50 employees, clients, and investors.

With Microsoft Office ability to add future applications to its platform, Fishs Eddy is prepared for any new services Microsoft introduces. Having the peace of mind of OneDrive aids Fishs Eddy in being prepared for any unfortunate disaster with proper backups and archiving. Cloud connectivity of Microsoft Office gives Fish Eddy the ability to work whenever and wherever, giving the founders and employees the flexibility to collaborate in a variety of environments across multiple platforms.

In the end, Office provides the company with the organizational efficiency it needs to grow and compete. This is precisely Microsoft’s message as it transitions to the “cloud-first, mobile-first” productivity company.