New York Attorney-General pursuing further cases against Microsoft over "forced" Windows 10 upgrades

Following a recent case where a woman sued Microsoft over a forced upgrade to Windows 10 - and won $10,000. The company is now believed to be facing several more cases, with the New York Attorney-General building a case from multiple customers of Microsoft, with them making claims of "forced" and "deceiving" upgrades.

The report from Rockland County Times states that the Attorney-General, Eric Schneiderman, is collating information from several customers and that Rachel Casey, from the New York State Attorney-General's Bureau of Internet and Technology, said that they are gathering the complaints so that they can look at "possible damages". The previous case of a woman receiving $10,000 in damages from Microsoft could set a precedent for these cases, too. Especially if they can prove that Microsoft was deceitful in the way it persuaded users to accept the upgrade, or in some cases, forced them.

The bureau advises that if anyone else believes they have been forced or deceitfully made to accept the upgrade, they should contact their office to raise a complaint, which can be sent to their email: [email protected] All complaints would be looked at immediately, to ensure prompt action is taken.

Rachel also stated that Attorney-General's from other states across the United States are also actively building cases against Microsoft for similar issues.

We'll let you know of any cases that follow through and keep you up-to-date on everything Microsoft and Windows 10.

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