New Xbox One update fixes multiplayer issues, adds HEVC 10-bit Codec and more

New Xbox One Update Fixes Multiplayer Issues, Adds HEVC 10-bit Codec and More

Last Friday, Major Nelson announced on twitter a small update for the Xbox One that would have no new features or content, but “just a few behind the scenes changes to prepare for the future.”

Now that the update has gone live, Xbox has listed the update and the specific fixes that came with OS version: 6.2.12998.0 (xb_rel_1506.150601-2200) fre last Friday.

Release date


New or updated features

Multiplayer & Party Chat updates

  • Fix to address multiplayer issues across a few titles.
  • Made some small updates to the Party app to help team better understand issues reported by the community.

Game Bundles update

  • Fixed an issue where certain type of disc-based bundled games would not properly install

10-bit HD High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) platform support added

  • 10-bit HD HEVC enables video streaming apps, like NetFlix, to use lower bandwidth to deliver HD quality video streams. 10-bit Ultra color increases the video color precision from 8-bits to 10-bits – with 8-bits you only get 16 million colors, but with 10-bit Ultra color precision you get 1 billion life-like colors that makes your video more vibrant. 

While the updates addresses some standing issues and hopefully enables a better viewing experience for streaming video service users with lower bandwidth, there is no direct indication of how this update is a part of the future path for Windows 10 on the Xbox One. Possibly any updates to prepare for that changeover in the Xbox One OS will remain behind the scenes until a later, potentially much later, point in time.

Still, there have been a lot of teases going out from the Xbox team in the lead up to the E3 briefing on June 15th, so stay tuned for hopefully more announcements of future Xbox features and possibly more info about Windows 10 on Xbox.

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