New Xbox One exclusive video game, Book of Demons, coming in late 2016

Book of Demons on Xbox One

Game developer, Think Trunk, has just announced that their upcoming title, Book of Demons will be an Xbox One console exclusive. This means that while Book of Demons will still be getting a release on Steam, it will not be available on Sony’s PlayStation 4 (or any rumoured upcoming PlayStation console) nor will it be released on Nintendo’s WiiU or upcoming NX system.

Book of Demons is a deck-building hack and slash adventure game with a top-down perspective that should look familiar to fans of similar games such as Diablo. The game allows players to customize the length of each play session and each level is procedurally generated which means the game level will be different each time it’s played.

Players will get to choose from three classes of characters, Warrior, Rogue or Mage, and all of the character designs have an origami-like style to them. There will also be three different sorts of quests in Book of Demons. Here are the official descriptions of each.


For years, the corridors underneath the Cathedral have been used for storing grain, wine and old manuscripts. But lately, the sounds of dripping water and wind howling through the empty halls have been deafened by the groans of despair and noises of bones clunking against an armor.

The Maze is now ruled by a demonic Cook who prepares meals from human flesh for his evil master. Only the bravest of all the heroes can look the creature in the eyes and not end as one of the stew ingredients.


The deepest parts of the old dungeon have been a resting place for all kind of townsfolk. From newborns to greybeards, from peasants to clergy, their remains lay motionless in the coffins.

And it would stay this way for centuries if not for the Bishop who has found the Manuscript of forbidden knowledge. Using foul magic and dark rituals he is rising the army of dead which plunders the Town and murders innocent people.


Dark rituals and corrupted magic have opened the gates of Hell and the demons world collided with the realm of the living. Wicked souls, monstrous creatures and hideous horrors hunger for fresh blood and destroy everything good that stands on their path.

They clear the way for their master – the ruler of Hell, king of the demon army. Archdemon, the darkness itself. He will never stop until he consumes all of this world, like he did with countless realms before. Is there anyone who can stop him?

An official preview trailer has also been released which shows off a fair amount of Book of Demons gameplay styles and situations. A beta (playable preview meant to test the game before a public launch) is expected during the second quarter of 2016 and the full retail version should be out by the end of the year.

Are you interested in Book of Demons and will you be getting it on Xbox One? Share your thoughts with the community in the comments below.

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