New Xbox One Alpha ring update fixes an issue with Party Overlay

Laurent Giret

Xbox Insiders on the Preview Alpha Ring can now download a new 1705 preview build on their Xbox One. The minor update fix an issue with Party Overlay, the new feature that lets you know who’s speaking in your party without having to open the Xbox Guide. The changelog also mentions another fix for an issue which could cause Home to appear as a standalone app in the Guide.

The new bits also come with two known issues for Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and the Xbox Store, but there are workarounds. Here is the full changelog:


OS version released: rs2_release_xbox_1705.170421-1701
Available: 6:00PM PDT 4/25 (1:00AM GMT 26/4)


  • Home Fixed an issue which could sometimes cause Home to appear as an app in the Guide.
  • Party Overlay Small black squares should no longer be displayed on screen after using the party overlay.


  • Minecraft: If an update prompt for Minecraft is dismissed the update cannot be installed from within ‘Manage Game’. Workaround: Accept the title update when prompted.
  • Store: You will be unable to access the Store when the console is set to one of the following language and region configurations: English (Greece), English (Czech Republic), English (Hungary), English (Slovakia). This issue will be resolved in an upcoming update. Workaround: Set the console to a language and region configuration which is not one of the four mentioned above.

In a separate post on Reddit, Microsoft’s Brad Rossetti shared that Preview Beta participants should get their first 1705 Preview build tomorrow “if all goes well.” Stay tuned on OnMSFT to get all the latest news about the Xbox Insider Program.