New Xbox to have set-top box capabilities?

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According to a new patent that was approved to Microsoft in late December, the Xbox might have a DVR app running along with TV content to allow for the ability to record media and pause on the Xbox console. Could we be seeing this functionality in the next version of Xbox?

We have heard numerous rumors about what the next version of Xbox, or Xbox 720 as some people call it, will have. We’ve heard of the possibility of two versions of the console, one for gamers and the other with a set-top box type of technology for gamers who want to watch and record TV. A new patent was revealed today that sheds a little more light on the latter.

New Xbox to have set-top box capabilities? - - January 5, 2012

From what we can see in the patent, this Xbox will allow for a DVR app to run along with TV content to record and pause on the console. The cool thing is that it will allow for video game playing while recording TV content at the same time.

It is obvious that Microsoft wants the Xbox console to be more than just gaming. Stay tuned as more information on this comes out.

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