New Xbox app spotted for an unknown upcoming service

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Proven Microsoft leaker, Aggiornamenti Lumia, recently posted on their Twitter account an app icon (see top image) for a planned official Xbox app that’s currently going by the term Unknown Project.

No other information is provided though the account does say that the mystery Xbox project isn’t that much of a secret.

Going by the fact that the app icon is literally just the Windows 11 Photos app icon with the Xbox logo on top of it, it’s likely that this upcoming app could be a Photos app for Xbox consoles. Conversely, it could also be an app for Windows devices for viewing and editing images and videos recorded on Xbox consoles via the built-in game capture function on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X console families.

Another possibility is that it could be some kind of Xbox-themed wallpaper or screensaver app for smart TVs that would use high resolution images from Xbox video games as artwork. Microsoft has already dipped their toes into this type of feature recently with smart TVs.

Of course, it’s also possible that this app icon itself is just a placeholder and that the final icon will look significantly different to better reflect the nature of the final app. This Xbox app could even be connected to the upcoming mystery Xbox hardware that we reported on last week.

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