New Xbox 360 Dashboard called Twist Control

by Email Twitter: ronwinbeta Aug 19th, 2011 in News

During a demonstration at Gamescom this week, Microsoft outlined the company’s vision towards bringing together voice control and content in the upcoming Xbox 360 software update, which is due around Christmas time. The name for the new dashboard? Twist Control!

“Hopefully the new dash will show this service proposition goes beyond gaming. We’ll never lose our focus on that gaming audience. In fact, developing the investment infrastructure to develop programs like cloud storage and Facebook posting and the beacons, are three examples of continuing to invest in that space,” Microsoft stated.

“Hopefully it’s easy to browse. It’s intuitive in terms of the way the surfing experience will actually work,” Microsoft further explained. The name of this new dashboard? Twist Control!

Users will be able to use their Xbox 360 controller to flick between channels that display at the top of the screen.

This new dashboard launches alongside several other new features such as the ability to signpost what you are doing across xbox Live and Facebook. Users can also post to Facebook and like a game. This allows for sending Achievements to your Facebook account. To top it all off, we are also getting cloud storage.

“The core community have been saying to us, ‘I’m doing this one activity but I really want to play Call of Duty with my mates when I’ve got four or five of them online at the same time.’ People are still text messaging each other and sending messages on other platforms. This is an easier way to do it,” Microsoft stated.

Twist Control and its additional features are part of what Microsoft calls internally “games plus more than games”. We are expecting to see this update go live around December.

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