New "Woman vs. Wild" video released highlighting "Rise of the Tomb Raider" title

There's a new episode of the "Woman Vs. Wild" available today, providing in-depth gameplay footage from the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Radio", which launches on November 10, 2015 as an Xbox exclusive. Episode 2 of the series focuses on guerilla combat, with Lara using her hand-to-hand, acrobatic, and shadow skills to survive in a deadly environment.

The newest Tomb Raider is clearly an extremely complex game that models the environment and various combat modes with a great deal of realism. This newest episode is aimed at demonstrating just how complex the gameplay can be:

In the second episode of Woman Vs. Wild, we examine the guerilla combat options available to Lara to help her survive the uncompromising wilderness of Siberia. Harsh environments and deadly predators aren’t the only challenges Lara will face on her journey to find the Lost City of Kitezh. Trinity forces have occupied the region, and are both well-equipped and well-armed; sporting high-tech weaponry, advanced armor, and a willingness to kill anyone standing between them and the secret of immortality.

Go check out the video, and if you haven't already, get your preorder in. You can sign up for the game itself, or go for broke with an Xbox bundle.

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