New Windows Server 2016 build should be coming in May of this year

New Windows Server 2016 build should be coming in May of this year

IT pros rely upon Windows Server every day to manage networks, and assets, and the Windows Server 2016 preview is about to expire. On April 15th, Windows Server 2016 preview will expire unless Microsoft does something to extend the deadline or release a new build. Microsoft has now confirmed they plan to extend the first build of Windows Server 2016 so there isn't a gap before the next build drops in May.

Windows Server 2016 will be competing with open source solutions like Linux to do more with less resources. Linux is becoming more and more popular on the server side of enterprises, but Microsoft thinks they can deliver what customers want and offer a compelling alternative to Linux. Servers technology has been trending toward very lightweight headless solutions which satisfy the niche between cloud and fully on-premises servers. Microsoft has been balancing their relationship with open source software in a new way recently by supporting Linux on Azure, but Windows Server remains on the few popular closed server solutions. 

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