This planned Windows phone has a physical keyboard

Brad Stephenson

Keyever Windows Phone

What ever happened to the Keyever Windows phone? The device was announced back in April 2016 for a release sometime in the third quarter of the year but very little has been heard of it since.

The Keyever phone is a Windows 10 Mobile device created by a company from mainland China. It garnered a fair bit of attention for being a Windows phone with an actual physical keyboard and was going to feature a 3.5-inch qHD AMOLED display with 314 PPI Pixel Density and was going to be powered by a Hexa-Core Processor.

It’s unclear if the concept has been scrapped completely or has been delayed due to market conditions (i.e. overall use of Windows phones has decreased quite a bit). The developers appear to have created a Twitter account in April but its most recent tweet was in May.

What do you think? Are you expecting the Keyever to appear somewhere down the line? Would there even be an audience for a Windows phone with a keyboard? Let us know in the comments below.