New Windows Phone banking apps released around the world

Brad Stephenson

New Windows Phone banking apps released around the world

Banking just got a lot easier for Windows Phone owners with the release of several new apps for a variety of international banks.

Among those recently released were apps for the Czech Republic’s Air Bank, Denmark’s Bank Nordic, Portugal’s Caixa Geral de Depósitos Bank (also on Windows 8.1) and Colombia’s Bancolombia.

One of the more interesting banking apps has to be the one for Italy’s Veneto Banca, BankUp which allows users to send unique codes to other users to initiate a transfer of funds. It’s an interesting idea and while the feature may not be used that much, it is refreshing to see more than the usual balance checking and transaction history features.

Despite more banks finally catering to Windows Phone users, many are still waiting for other banks to provide them with the services iOS and Android users have enjoyed for so long while others are losing the apps they’d been provided with Bank of America and Chase Bank announcing that they’re ceasing support of their Windows Phone apps.

Personally, I’m still holding out for an Australian St George banking app and am forced to hold onto my old iPhone 4S for any mobile banking needs when I’m traveling.