New Windows Phone app helps India's farmers modernize

Brad Stephenson

New Windows Phone app helps India's farmers modernize

During this year’s Hackathon, a Microsoft-sponsored event where developers and programmers gather to share ideas and brainstorm new uses for technology, a new initiative called Hack4Asia was announced as a way to encourage the creation of solutions specific to the Asian region and its people.

One of the more interesting projects that came out of this special three-day event was Kisan 4 You, a special app project designed to assist farmers in India by educating them about government programs (which apparently can be hard to find information about) and commodity prices while also enabling easier communication between them and direct buyers.

There are two main problems faced by the Kisan 4 You developer team; the variety of languages spoken throughout India and the less than stellar phone network. A solution to the latter problem was solved by designing the app to store information locally and automatically sync to the cloud whenever it connects to a signal to keep the app function and as up to date as possible.

There are a lot of projects coming out of the Hack4Asia initiative and we’ll be mentioning some of the cooler ones in posts here on WinBeta so make sure to check back soon for all the latest.