New Windows Phone 8 Portico update brings along SMS Drafts and SMS Call Reject features

We just learned recently that Microsoft has finally made available the new Portico update for Windows Phone 8. This update is the first for the operating system and features bug fixes as well as some new additions. A new report now states that Portico brings along with it SMS Drafts and SMS Call Reject features.

Recently, we learned about an upcoming update to Windows Phone 8, codenamed Portico. This update was slated to be a minor update that added bug fixes and new features to make the Windows Phone 8 platform complete. This update was recently released to the HTC 8X smartphone over the air and we are now learning that this update brings with it the ability to create drafts of SMS messages. Users can also select all messages with a single click and delete messages with an additional click. Users can also reject phone calls with a text message. These new features are part of the new Portico update for Windows Phone 8. We have yet to have a breakdown of all the new features in this update. Stay tuned for more.

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