New Windows Phone 8 apps revealed, Pandora app to come with one year ad-free music

During the Windows Phone 8 launch event today, Microsoft revealed that Windows Phone 8 will come with some new and updated apps. Among the new apps, we will see a Pandora app which will come with one year of free ad-free music. Anyone excited over Windows Phone 8?

Windows Phone 8 comes with new Facebook, Twitter, and Skype apps as well as a new lock screen that’s powered by Live Apps. On top of that, Windows Phone 8 will have 46 of the top 50 apps on all mobile platforms. Microsoft is also planning on bringing over more of the top apps to Windows Phone 8. Microsoft is even bringing Pandora to the platform, with one year of free ad-free music. Pandora will be available in early 2013, according to Microsoft. Interesting to see that Microsoft is bringing Pandora on board, considering the company is competing with them with Xbox Music. What is Microsoft up to?

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