New Windows Insider build brings File Explorer Tabs and Navigation updates to the Beta Channel

Kip Kniskern

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Yup, don’t check your calendar, it’s a Monday, but Microsoft has released a new build to the Windows Insider Beta Channel anyway. The build, 22621.160, brings File Explorer tabs, which just were released to only a subset of Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel last week, and some navigation updates to the Beta Channel.

File Explorer is also introducing a refreshed layout of the left navigation pane which makes it easy for you to navigate to folders that matter to you. The updated organization provides easy access to your pinned and frequently used folders (Quick access) and your OneDrive cloud profiles added to Windows. OneDrive cloud profiles reflect the user’s name associated with the account. Known Windows folders which are available by default in the navigation pane are no longer displayed under This PC to keep that view focused for your PC’s drives. When you navigate to folders syncing to OneDrive such as Documents, Pictures, etc., the address bar displays the correct path to help bring clarity when your folders are on the cloud vs when they are local to you.

File Explorer Tabs, just as in the Dev Channel, are rolling out and not available to all Beta Channel Insiders “as we plan to monitor feedback and see how it lands before pushing it out to everyone.” Interestingly, this raises at least the possibility that some Beta Channel Insiders could actually get File Explorer Tabs *before* some Dev Channel Insiders get the new feature, even further convoluting the meanings of Dev and Beta Channels. Oh well.

If you’re a Beta Channel Insider, download the update now and let us know if you received access to File Explorer Tabs, and what you think of them! By the way, don’t forget to check out our hands on video with File Tab Explorer!