New Windows 8 post-beta screenshots leak onto the web, reveals changes to setup

New screenshot’s of a post-beta build of Windows 8 have leaked onto the web today, revealing new and improved features to the set-up and out-of-box experience. Changes include a new loading screen, the return of the old boot screen and more.

New images leaking from WinUnleaked have today revealed new changes to a post-beta version of Windows 8. A post-beta version of Windows 8 is a more recent version of the OS, therefore improving and fixing bugs that the Consumer Preview had. Most changes made to the OS between now and May will be included in the Release Candidate.

Screenshot’s posted reveal changes to the setup and out of box experience in Windows, such as the product key Window and license agreement. Not much has changed between now and the Consumer Preview:

The old Developer Preview bootscreen has returned in the latest builds of Windows 8, but is not expected to stay long.

And, a new “finale OOBE” loading screen before reaching the desktop:

As clearly seen in the screenshot, the progress bar is looking more like Windows Phone.

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