New Windows 8 build 8158 Charm Bar images leak

New images of Microsoft’s next operating system Windows 8 have appeared on the internet, this time showing off the new Charm Bar in Build 8158 and 816x. New features such as mouse support and transparency are to be included.

PCBeta and a user from the MyDigitalLife forums have leaked new images of the Charm Bar within recent builds of Windows 8. Builds 8158 and 816X have been shown off in the recent images, both builds bring new features to the Charm Bar such as mouse support and transparency.

First, PCBeta leaked a few images of the Charm Bar in build 8158.

The image doesn’t show much, but apparently the charm bar can be access with a mouse now, accessing the bar can be done by moving your cursor to the bottom-right of the screen.

This image shows the colour change on the Charm Bar.

The Windows Store is also appeared in this build.

A user on the MyDigitalLife forums also leaked an image of build 816X of Windows 8, which shows transparency of the Charm Bar on the desktop.

Microsoft is hard at work on Windows 8, with a beta getting close, users are beginning to wonder how Microsoft are going to bundle the Metro UI with Aero, and whether users are going to like the couple on one machine.

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