New Windows 8 build 8375 screen shots leak, reveal new icon and wallpaper changes

New screen shots of a development build of Windows 8 have appeared online today, revealing some new changes to wallpapers and icons on the all important Metro Start Screen. Now we have a new default wallpaper, new Store icon and more.

Build 8375 has been dubbed at the Consumer Preview Update 2, and was only shared to OEM’s and trusted testers. The screen shots leaked from this built do not show much, but reveal some small changes that would probably go unnoticed if they hadn’t specifically been pointed out.

One of the changes include a new colour for the Store app, it’s now green instead of blue, exciting stuff! Not only that, but we also have a new default Metro pattern, it’s not a “new” pattern, it’s one of the patterns available in the Consumer Preview. It’s just now been set as default.

We also have some new, welcomed lock-screen wallpapers. These bring a fresh look to the lock-screen, making it a nicer place to be looking at. Also, the plant has eight leaves, which may, or may not be on purpose.

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