New Windows 10 icons shown in a survey as Microsoft seeks more feedback

New windows 10 icons shown in a survey as microsoft seeks more feedback

You grabbed your pitchforks over the Windows 10 icons, but before things escalate again, Microsoft is looking for feedback, specifically on your thoughts on what the Windows 10 icons should look like.

Microsoft has a dedicated website where invitation only members are able to take surveys to provide feedback on Microsoft products and services. In one of the Windows 10 surveys, Microsoft seeks opinions on the state of the icons in Windows 10 and revealed a screenshot showing new icons from an unannounced build.

New windows 10 icons shown in a survey as microsoft seeks more feedback

Looking at the screenshot above, it’s clear that most of the icons have been reworked and now have subtler colors. There’s a new Recycle Bin icon too which is more angular than the one we’ve been used to seeing for the past 9 years. We don’t know whether these icons are final (probably not) or whether they were just used for illustrative purposes in the survey, so make of them what you will.

We know you have strong opinions over what constitutes as acceptable iconography, so let us know what you think of the new Windows 10 icons in the comments below.

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