New Windows 10 feature will lock computers automatically when users step away -
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New Windows 10 feature will lock computers automatically when users step away

Microsoft appears to be planning to introduce a new Windows 10 feature in a future update that will automatically lock a user’s device as soon as it detects they’re no longer present.

Evidence of the new feature was first spotted in build 15002 by users enrolled in the Windows Insiders program which is used to test features before rolling them out to the general user. Named, Dynamic Lock, the feature is present in the Sign-in options section of Settings and is described as, “Allow Windows to detect when you’re away and automatically lock the device.”

Dynamic Lock appears just above the Windows Hello options which suggests that the option could use a Windows 10 device’s camera to visually confirm a user’s presence. WindowsCentral also reports that their sources say that the feature is being referred to internally at Microsoft as “Windows Goodbye” which further suggests a camera connection.

Windows 10, as well as older versions of Windows, has had auto-sleep and shutdown options for a while now so this isn’t exactly a new concept. More information on Dynamic Lock will naturally be announced as its public launch nears.

Would you ever use this setting? Do you even use Windows Hello? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: This new feature has been confirmed to use Bluetooth and could go by the name, Proximity Lock.

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