Microsoft reiterates new Windows 10 build coming "soon" for Insiders

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New Windows 10 build coming to Windows Insiders soon

Over the past few days, we’ve seen a number of leaks regarding new Windows 10 builds — over the weekend, build 10151 leaked on the internet, and we even saw release notes for Windows 10 build 10154. We already managed to get our hands on build 10154, and showcased what the new build will offer, if it releases to Windows Insiders.

Officially, Windows Insiders are still running the Windows 10 build 10130 which was released almost a month ago. But, it seems the wait may soon come to an end as Microsoft’s Windows Insiders head Gabriel Aul said on Twitter that a new build is “coming soon” again. The term is quite vague, to be honest, but we hope the wait isn’t too long for users who want to test out a new build. There’s not much time left, as in exactly a month on July 29th, Microsoft is set to launch Windows 10 for desktops.

As for other platforms, Microsoft is committed to launching the operating system for mobile, Xbox and other platforms later this year. Reports hint that Windows 10 Mobile will be out by September, and gets the focus it deserves right after Microsoft is done with the desktop version. but let’s just wait for an official availability date from the folks at Redmond. 

There’s the likely hood that we may get a 1015x build, which features several visual tweaks, a working Phone Companion app, updates to the Store app and more. Since we’re getting close to the announced launch date, the build which is expected to come out this week should be stable.

Stay tuned to WinBeta, we’ll update you as soon as Microsoft releases the new build, which is usually Monday or Friday — just keep your fingers crossed.

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