New video shows off what's coming with Halo 5 Forge

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If you’re a Halo veteran, then you know firsthand the importance of Forge mode. Forge is arguably the best thing that ever happened to Halo, offering players a way to make their own maps with an easy to use and fun map editor. They could then use the maps that they created, sharing them with friends, creating custom game modes, and making it, so Halo’s replayability value is as vast as the Halo community’s imagination.
Gamespot just put out a new video where they showed off Halo 5’s Forge mode, which is going to be making its way to Halo 5 with Cartographer’s Gift, the monthly expansion to Halo 5 that’s going to hit in September. Along with new REQs, a new Warzone map, and other multiplayer goodies, Cartographer’s Gifts going to change Halo fundamentally with the addition of the overhauled Forge mode.
The new Forge mode has an almost endless quantity of life improvements and new features that cartographers (a term referring to dedicated Forge users) have been wanting for a long time. Cartographers can now take advantage of several different massive scenes in which to create their maps, and work within a much larger item budget. They can also group together items instead of adjusting them all individually – something that’s going to save incredible amounts of time.

Along with all of the new changes to moving objects around, the new Forge mode offers cartographers several new audio and visual effects, so that they can hone in on creating cohesive themes for their levels, and making them look and feel exactly the way they envisioned them. Back in the day, you just had to rely on the clever use of object sets – now you can get to the nitty gritty, and make everything feel perfect.
Possibly the most exciting thing that’s being added to Halo 5’s new Forge mode is the ability to script. Now, using several different “channels” of programming, you can link together two objects to make them behave in certain ways. In the video, it showed us a cylinder lifting up off of the ground when the player pushed a switch – an event scripted to occur by the map’s cartographer. Forge has mind-blowing implications for the future of map making in Halo 5, and indeed, implications for the future of Halo 5 in general. If you were a part of the Forge renaissance back during Halo 3, then know how much potential Forge has of becoming a game changer, and this new addition is pumping it into overdrive.
If you were beginning to get tired of grinding REQ points with warzone after warzone, then take some satisfaction in the knowledge that Forge is on its way. Forge is set to open up the door to endless amounts of creations for you to check out, and offer you new and exciting ways to experience Halo with your friends for years to come. Cartographers, get out your pens and paper ready. Players, get ready to be amazed by some mind-blowing creativity.

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