New video shows Microsoft Hyperlapse functioning in Windows Phone emulator


Microsoft Hyperlapse, as we have found out from various leaked screenshots and rumors, is an upcoming app that will do some interesting things when it comes to video stabilization, courtesy of Microsoft Research.

In a new video posted by, the app is shown running in a Windows Phone emulator, giving us a first hand glance of how the app will work upon its full release.

As shown in the video, it is simple to record footage, import it and then process it through the app, though the end results will no doubt vary depending on how shaky the footage is to begin with. The video shows a camera being jerkily panned across a keyboard, with the processed results showing an improvement over the original in terms of shakiness.

Though we’ll have to wait until the app comes out before we can give it our full analysis, if this video is anything to go by then it’ll most likely be a hoot.

Will you be giving Microsoft Hyperlapse a try upon its release? Let us know in the comments below.

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