New video from Microsoft shows developers what’s needed for HoloLens apps

Microsoft wowed the world with the introduction of its augmented reality platform, HoloLens. Adding another dimension to computer interactions by blending them with the real world via ‘holograms’, HoloLens is a sci-fi dream come true, promising a revolution in IT application to real-life work and play.

Of course, software developers will be the ones to lead us into this exciting new world, and with the developer’s edition of HoloLens available from this year, how should they prepare to embrace the technology? Not too hard, it seems, according to a new video published on Microsoft HoloLens Youtube channel.

Software developers of various disciplines, including game, app, .NET and even iOS (yes, you read that right) shows up in the video to talks about the skills and tools needed to make a HoloLens app. The gist is that developers familiar with Microsoft’s software toolset would have an easy time developing for HoloLens; that means C#, Visual Studio and the likes. This is quite understandable given how HoloLens will be an extension of the Windows 10 ecosystem first and foremost, with full support for Universal Windows Apps that also run on Windows 10 desktop and mobile.

Unity was specifically mentioned as a good starting point for HoloLens app development, in conjunction with C# knowledge. Given Unity’s cross-platform nature and its popularity with developers and that it integrates so well with HoloLens development should make the process even more approachable to interested software makers of all disciplines, not just Microsoft-centric.

HoloLens is an exciting new technology that promises to revolutionize the way we interact with our every day environment, both at home and at work. As mentioned in the video, besides the tools and software skills, what software developers will need the most is an “open mind” to be able to see and utilize the capabilities of this new computing paradigm. The future is exciting, and we can’t wait to see what uses for HoloLens talented developers will come up it.

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What would you develop for HoloLens?