New video highlights all the Xbox One games introduced at E3 2016

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If you think the last couple of years have been lacking in exclusives for the dedicated Xbox One owner, Microsoft is pushing into overdrive this year to make sure that you get a prime selection of games going forward. Today, on the official Xbox YouTube channel, all of the best titles that were shown off at this year’s E3 conference got their own place on a sizzle reel to get you hyped for the new lineup. The video certainly doesn’t fail to inspire some excitement in the passionate Xbox gamer, and is definitely worth a watch.

Not all of the games involved in the video are Xbox One exclusives (games like For Honor and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided got a place in there) but the vast majority of them are. ReCore, Gears of War 4,  Scalebound, Battlefield 1, Sea of Thieves, and more all made their way into the video to build up hype for their eventual releases, but they were also joined by games that either recently came out or are about to get a new coat of paint. Minecraft (which is getting some big updates soon) got a spot on the video, and so did INSIDE, which came out just about a week ago, and we thought was pretty great.

It’s not guaranteed that all of these titles will be seeing their actual release in 2016, and there are still some games in the Xbox lineup that are still more or less missing in action. Crackdown 3, for instance, was announced way back during E3 2014, and we haven’t seen much of anything about it apart from a vague 2017 release date. Sizzle reels like this are a nice touch for the Xbox team, and they do a good job of promoting the upcoming lineup – let’s just hope that Microsoft can whip all of its studios into shape, and start delivering them without any more road bumps.

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