New video demonstrates closing metro apps within Windows 8, who has close sources to Microsoft have today released a new video demonstrating the closing of Metro applications within Windows 8. Currently, it is impossible to close metro applications without entering the task manager, it looks like Microsoft are out to change that before the beta.

Original Video at TinyPic

The video was released by a website called, who are known for their close and reliable sources about Microsoft. The video released shows closing metro applications within the Metro UI on Windows 8, instead of using the task manager.

The website says that Microsoft have also developed a way to close apps with the mouse, but that hasn’t been demonstrated in the video.

Currently in the Windows Developer Preview, you can’t close an app from the Metro UI, you can suspend it, but cannot close it without entering the task manager and ending the process. With the latest builds of Windows 8, Microsoft are out to change that and make closing applications easier for the end user.

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