New version of Chrome replicates the functionality of Chrome OS, runs within Windows 8

Google Chrome featuring Chrome OS

Google is apparently working on a new version of the company's Chrome browser that replicates the functionality of the Chrome operating system. Best of all, this works within Microsoft's own Windows 8 operating system!

According to a new report, Google is trying to replicate the Chrome OS functionality within Windows 8. This was was evident in the latest developer version of Chrome, which allows you to run the browser in Metro/Modern mode on Windows 8 and experience a Chrome OS-like experience. 

The Chrome browser, although buggy, features the Chrome OS design and support for windows within Windows, Google's Chrome app launcher, and Google app menu bar. Google seems to be looking to make Chrome more than just a browser, rather, Google is turning Chrome into a web-based platform!

"In the latest dev channel release the UI and functionality is identical to Chrome OS. There's a shelf with Chrome, Gmail, Google, Docs, and YouTube icons that can be arranged at the bottom, left, or right of the screen. Like Chrome OS, you can create multiple browser windows and arrange them using a snap to the left or right of the display or fullscreen modes. An app launcher is also available in the lower left-hand corner," The Verge reports.

No word on when we will see this version of Chrome released officially to the public. We've added the download link below for the Dev version of Chrome. Simply install it and launch Chrome from the Windows 8 Start Screen. This will not work on Windows RT.

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