A new version of Avid's Sibelius for Surface Pro 3 is on its way and it looks good

Brad Stephenson

A new version of Avid's Sibelius for Surface Pro 3 is on its way

A new version of the popular music composing app, Sibelius, is on its way to Windows and has been redesigned for the Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 to take advantage of the devices’ multi-touch capabilities and unique stylus pens to create a more productive and fresher interface for musicians to compose their next masterpiece.

Several of the new features in the upcoming release of Avid’s new Sibelius include reminders and notes to record progress or communicate with other project members, a faster start up time due to a revamped activation process, and enhanced detail for higher resolution monitors.

Overall, this new version of the app looks pretty impressive but it won’t come cheap. Launching in the second quarter of 2015, the full program will be sold for a onetime payment of $689, an annual subscription of $239, or a monthly subscription of $24.99.  At these prices, it’s definitely something aimed at professionals or those serious about their music.

A cheaper alternative for Surface owners looking to compose their own music is Staffpad, which is much more affordable and comes with very similar features.