New use for Microsoft Band: nightmare monitor

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Microsoft's Band is gaining in popularity, due to its 11 monitors and abilities to keep track of your activities and habits, including sleeping habits. However one Redditor noticed what might be a new use for the Band, monitoring nightmares. Well, monitoring your heartrate during nightmares, anyway.

The Redditor posted an Imgur image to /r/Microsoft Band, which shows the usual sleep summary, but then by clicking through to the heartrate summary, you can see just where things got a little dicey in his dreams:Microsoft band nightmareNo word from the Redditor on what he was dreaming about, but it sure looks like things got a bit intense there about 2:30 am!

Have you noticed similar fluctuations in your heartrate during sleep? Are you plagued by nightmares? Are you getting good value out of monitoring your sleep and activities with the Microsoft Band?

Let us know in the comments below, and sweet dreams!

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