New update for Skype on iOS brings back URI support


It is no secret that a major ambition of the ‘new’ Microsoft under Satya Nadella has been to improve both the presence and the performance of Microsoft apps on competing platforms. Today, Skype became the latest Microsoft app to see a significant update, this time on iOS, bringing with it a number of improvement and fixes.

Chief among these is the reintroduction of Universal Resource Identifier (URI) support. This feature allows users to launch Skype from anywhere within iOS, when tapping a relevant Skype name or number the app now springs to attention. Improvements have also been made to the dialer, allowing users to save numbers entered to existing contacts and also to create new contacts should they wish to do so.

This is a robust selection of updates, however as support for URIs relies on developers, whether it will see a wider uptake is impossible to tell.

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