New update for Skype on Android allows more control over ringtones

Sean Cameron

Skype on Mobile

Since the capability was first introduced, custom ringtones have become a perennially popular part of the modern mobile phone. Starting with the novelty tunes embedded into feature phones at the turn of the millennium, users in the present comparatively have the capability to produce veritable symphonies that announce themselves to the world.
Well aware of this, Microsoft has now added the ability to set custom ringtones for Skype on Android, as detailed on an official blog post. Though nothing will quite capture the audio masterpiece that was the Crazy Frog ringtone, users can now create and experiment to their heart’s content in order to find a tune to match their outfits and unique world view. Personally, I’ve been chomping at the bit to inflict my Metallica/Darude/Skrillex monstrosity upon the world.
That isn’t everything however; also included in this update is the ability to forward photos from your chats, making it easier to share than ever before.
What is your favorite custom ringtone? Let us know in the comments below.