New updates to OneNote brings handwriting to iPad, OCR support to all versions

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One of the most popular (and useful) features on the Surface Pro 3 was the ability to launch OneNote with two quick clicks of the top of the stylus, allowing users to quickly and easily take notes on the fly. Much as with the popular S-Pen stylus on some Samsung devices, this allowed the stylus to gain a use beyond an aid for digital artists.

As such, the news that Microsoft intends to bring something resembling this functionality to OneNote for iPad is welcome news. Indeed, the ability has been added for OneNote for tablets on every platform the app is available for, meaning users can quickly take notes on the go should they wish to do so.

These notes can be color coded, a useful feature for the organized among us, and four different pen types are available, allowing for a little more freedom of artistic expression. This is aided by the fact that, unlike traditional notes, the digital canvas is infinite, meaning that an endless line of notes is achievable. Palms are also detected, meaning that only the stylus allows input, even when resting your hand on the device.

This isn't the only new functionality that has been added in the latest update, users can now also search for text within images uploaded to OneNote. Text from multiple languages is supported, opening the way for translation services among other options.

Do you type or hand-draw your notes? Let us know in the comments below.

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