New update for Camera360 Sight on Windows Phone brings new filters and improved pictures

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If there is one thing that the Windows Phone store is not lacking, it is photography apps. Bolstered by the platform's solid reputation for camera powerhouses, Windows Phone users have plenty of choice within this area. 

As such, to stand out in this space takes an app of particular quality. Even among these, Camera 360 Sight is among one of the better offerings, providing users with a full camera experience designed for the casual snapper.

Included in the latest update, aside from bug fixes and general stability improvements, comes a whole host of new filters. This allows users to add a little personality to their photography without diving into the depths of Photoshop. The front facing camera sports filters more suited to portraits, as is befitting of a selfie-cam.

Also improved is image quality, through refinement of certain algorithms. Owners of a Lumia 1020, Icon, 930 or 1520 can also take advantage of the new 'Supersampling' Full-Size Camera feature, allowing for more detail. Support has also been delivered for Vietnamese and Brazilian Portuguese.

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