New unknown Nokia device shows up in Windows Phone promo

There have been recent rumours regarding a higher-end Lumia device, to which Nokia denied the plans at this current time. Yet today, a new Windows Phone promo for Nokia reveals an unknown device, which has not yet been announced, is this the high-end device everyone is waiting for?

The new device has not been announced by Nokia, recent rumours suggested a new device featuring high-end specifications, to which Nokia denied plans of doing so. The device could just be a concept for the promo video, and nothing more, or it could be a developer phone for those at Nokia to test software, if that is the case, then why use it in a promotional video?

The device features capacitive buttons, and maybe a 4-inch screen. The device could be the Nokia Lumia 900, or Nokia Ace, but there is no information supporting it.

Hopefully this device turns out to be a high-end Nokia device for the hardcore gamers and developers who need as much power as they can. What do you think?

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