That new unified Apps on Windows web experience? It’s not the new “Windows Store”

Windows Store confusion

Earlier today, we posted on a report from Windows Central that Microsoft had released a new unified “Apps on Windows” experience on the web, to replace the separate Windows and Windows Phone web experiences. In that post, we referred to Microsoft launching a “universal apps store”, in this case meaning both Windows and Windows Phone apps. This however, is not the same as the upcoming Windows Store, which has not been released yet and will feature “universal Windows apps”, meaning apps that run on both Windows and Windows Phone (and Xbox and HoloLens and etc.)

A Microsoft spokesperson reached out to us and offered this clarification:

“The Apps on Windows site lets you browse both Windows and Windows Phone apps, but is not the new unified Windows Store. We’ll share more on the Windows Store soon.”

You can still now (or soon) get both Windows and Windows Phone apps from a single place, at, but the “Windows Store” is still yet to come.

Hope that clears up any confusion.

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