New Twitter app for Windows 10 now live

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With Windows 10 soon to be released to the world, things are starting to heat up. You may recall yesterday that some images of a new Twitter app for Windows 10 came to light. Well, today Twitter was updated with the new look and feel in the Windows 10 Store.

Not only does the look of this new Twitter app adhere to the Windows 10 visual design, but it adds some functionality that was missing in the previous versions of the Windows Twitter app. Some of the new features include inline images, the ability to favorite, retweet and follow right in the Twitter timeline and a refresh button.

New look

All of these features have been available on the Twitter apps of competing platforms for a while now. Hopefully, the feature parity seen here is a foretaste of what we can expect on Windows 10 not only with the Twitter app but others too.

The new Twitter app can be found in the Windows 10 Store here.

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