New tap-rhythm game Brofist: Beat the Bullies launches on Windows phone

Brad Stephenson

Brofist: Beat the Bullies on Windows 10

A new video game named, Brofist: Beat the Bullies, has just launched on Windows 10 PCs and smartphones. The game presents a humorous take on revenge fantasies by tasking the player to beat up bullies, ironically becoming bullies themselves. There are some potentially serious themes here but at its heart it’s a light rhythm-based tap game which requires gamers to beat-up bullies in time with the background music.

Here’s the official game description:

What would you do if someone stole your candy? Get it back of course! The bullies in town are stealing all the candy. You need to gather your bro’s and beat them to the beat! In this groovy, awesome music game you need to keep your cool and fingers on fire! Now show them what you’ve got and get the candy back!

Brofist: Beat the Bullies is free to download but does contain in-app purchases. Have you played it yet? Let us know if it’s worth downloading in the comments below.

Brofist: Beat the Bullies
Brofist: Beat the Bullies