New Surfy for Windows Phone sports swiping, multilingual conversion, NFC file transfer and more

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New Surfy for Windows Phone and Windows 8 sports swiping feature, facilitates multilingual conversion, NFC file transfer and more

Windows Phone Store has only a handful of browsers - hence an update for any of them catches our attention. Many of you might be using Surfy on Windows 8 and on your Windows Phone. Both the clients have received a major update.

Bumping the version number up to 4.3, the browser has added several new features. Chief among them is the addition of a quick-link page dubbed Launch Pad, a feature which will allow you to pin web pages - and so, open them quickly. The new version also includes support for the swiping gesture - which allows you to navigate across tabs with one flick.

The other key addition is the HTML5 game section which lets you play games even while being offline. The addictive 2048 game is available on it. In addition, the browser now supports NFC for file transfers, night mode, “shake to refresh” option, a multilingual text-to-speech engine, and more. Our German and Spanish friends can also download the browser for their favored language.

Snag the updated version of the app from the download link below. 

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