New Surface update brings improved function keys for Touch/Type Cover


Microsoft has not only announced Outlook RT for Windows RT, but the software giant is also working on adding improved function keys for those who use a Touch or Type Cover on their Surface RT or Surface Pro.

“.. with an update that will come in about a week for Surface, we’ll have the ability to toggle between what the keys on the top row do, get some quick access to other capabilities like screenshots through shortcuts, and just make some things like paging easier to do with one hand,’ Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

The new update, which is due next week, will allow Fn + Caps to lock the F1 to F12 function keys at the top of the Touch or Type Cover. Other functions include Fn + to print screen, Fn + + Alt to print the screen that’s in focus. Fn + Del and Fn + Backspace to adjust the brightness. Fn + or for Home and End keys, respectively. Fn + and Fn + to access Page Up and Page Down functionality.

Microsoft is actively providing updates and improvements to Surface based on user feedback as well as the ideology of providing the best experience possible, which is quite obvious with this upcoming update due next week. In just a few weeks, Windows RT users will also get a chance to install Windows 8.1 RT preview as well!

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