New Surface Book videos highlight advantages over Apple MacBook Pro

It's no surprise that Microsoft positions the Surface line of 2-in-1 machines against Apple's MacBook line of notebooks. Whether it's the Surface Pro 3 vs the MacBook Air or the Surface Book against the MacBook Pro, Microsoft is going straight for Apple jugular.

Microsoft released a trio of videos directly along those lines, highlighting the Surface Book's various pen-enabled touchscreen and high-resolution display advantages over Apple's highest-end Retina MacBook Pros. Check them out.

In the first video, Microsoft highlights the Surface Book's performance, high-resolution screen, and pen input capabilities and their advantages for photographer Tim Flach:

The second video focuses on how the high-resolution display makes photos pop:

The third video shows how Flach uses the pen to interact more directly with his images:

No matter how you slice it, Microsoft wants people to know how much better the Surface Book is than Apple's best. These videos represent short but sweet attempts to set the record straight.

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