New Surface Book ads target artists, editors, and musicians

If there's anything that Microsoft has been doing well recently, it's reaching out and starting to advertise to people. With a device like the Surface Book making waves in all markets - whether they be business or consumer - it's important for Microsoft to make sure the public is consistently reminded that the Surface Book isn't just a fancy clipboard for executives - it's a device that's useful for all sorts of people.
The three commercials are all 15-second clips that came out today on the Surface Youtube channel, and are all focused on creative individuals in all sorts of different mediums; incidentally, the same group that Apple has made a priority of over the years. These commercials all have a common thread, stating that, "There is a rhythm that beats inside all of us," and that "With the right tools there are no limits to where your rhythm can take you."
The three commercials all focus on different creative mediums: video editing, music, and visual art.  Each of them propose that this "Rhythm" supposedly beating inside of us all inspires is to be creative, and to see things differently. They're all quite inspiring, and should appeal to anyone who prides themselves on being a creative person of any kind.
The commercials don't do too much to show off the hardware in any real capacity (apart from showcasing the Surface Pen during the "Artist" video,) as is to be expected from this short format of advertisement. They do a great job of what they need to do: look pretty and make the Surface Book seem like a glamorous option for the creative consumer. With advertisements like these being rolled out, it seems more and more likely that the Surface Book could become popular among what used to be Apple's audience.

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