New Surface 3 driver will facilitate its mass deployment in enterprises

Hammad Saleem

New Surface 3 driver will enable mass deployment in enterprises

Microsoft Surface 3 went on sale earlier this month, and since it’s powered by full-fledged Windows 8.1, it offers business-ready features which can be beneficial for enterprises as well. Microsoft has now released a Surface 3 driver which will allow large organizations to mass deploy it, similar to the Surface Pro 3. 

In a blog post, Microsoft said:

“The update – which is available now — improves the mass deployment process, broadens the range of enterprise-level features, and helps bring the Surface 3 deployment experience in line with its more business-oriented sibling, Surface Pro 3. The update includes new and enhanced features including those expected in a larger-scale commercial environment such as enhanced PXE booting and support for asset tagging.”

Unfortunately, the driver is not available via Windows Update so customers who intend to deploy it onto their organization have to download it manually from the download center. This will make the tablet more business-ready so organizations can easily use it and facilitate its employees. Be sure to stay tuned to WinBeta for more Surface 3 coverage.