New Surface 3 ad shows off a smaller, sleeker device that's "still a whole lot of Surface"

Sean Michael

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Surface 3

The Surface 3 is one of the most anticipated Microsoft made devices so far this year. The next iteration of the “tablet that can replace your laptop” is slightly smaller and lighter than its Surface Pro 3 cousin and there’s a new video advertisement showing it off.

As for the advert itself, it’s fairly simple and shows off the new smaller form factor while boasting that it’s still “a whole lot of Surface.” Accompanying the device is some rhythmic table knocking.

A lot of the time advertising is about getting a product in the minds of the public and then letting the product speak for itself. The Surface 3 looks like a very solid device and is available for preorder to be shipped on May 5th of this year.

With the upcoming Build conference there will likely be a whole slew of toys and gadgets to look at so the Surface 3 is getting some spotlight in the first half of the week before any more big news.