New study finds Internet Explorer 9 faster than Chrome and Firefox

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In a new study conducted by a web performance management firm called New Relic, Internet Explorer 9 is faster than both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox when it comes to loading pages in Windows.

New study finds Internet Explorer 9 faster than Chrome and Firefox - - April 6, 2012

New Relic was able to capture 690,000 page views per minute of real-time performance statistics. Based on the data, Internet Explorer 9 was able to load pages half a second faster than Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft continues to brag about how Internet Explorer 9 is the company’s continued effort in giving users “the best performance with the sites you love.”

“Being the first app performance company to build real user monitoring as a core, native feature of application performance management, we are currently monitoring about 750 million page views a day, 5 billion a week and 20 billion a month for 20,000 active accounts,” New Relic states.

Microsoft recently put up a new website that not only pokes fun at the company’s Internet Explorer browser, but also encourages those who have not used Internet Explorer 9 to install it and add a pinned site to their Windows 7 taskbar, just to experience how awesome it is.

“We will continue to push the web forward with our investments in hardware accelerated HTML5 – and what that means for Internet Explorer users is that the web is not going to just get faster, but richer and more dynamic than ever before,” Microsoft added.

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