New Storage Spaces feature discovered in Windows 8 Build 8158

Several new screenshots were leaked today showcasing a new feature called “Storage Spaces” which provides features similar to software RAID, but with added enhancements. This new feature allows for a 2 way or 3 way backup and the ability to mount any hard drive to increase storage space.

Microsoft describes this feature as a way to “help protect yourself from a drive failure.” A 2-way Mirror Space keeps two copies of your files and can handle one disk failure. A 3-way Mirror Space, however, takes three copies of your files and can handle two disk failures.

More screenshots of Windows 8 leaked to the internet over the past week, his time showing off the new Charm Bar in Build 8158 and 816x. New features such as mouse support and transparency are to be included with the Charm Bar.

On top of this, a new report suggests that the new filesystem in Windows 8, titled Protogon, has been replaced with something called ReFS. More on this as Microsoft reveals its plans on its Building Windows 8 blog.

Screenshots from PCBeta

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