New startup Object Theory is the first full-service development agency for HoloLens

New startup object theory is a full-service development agency for hololens

Since the unveiling of HoloLens in January, Microsoft’s foray into augmented reality has gained a lot of attention as many wonder how it could transform personal computing.

Our own Kip Kniskern saw personally how the potential applications of the holographic computing headset could be endless for both gaming and productivity.

Now applications for HoloLens, other than what Microsoft and its partners have thought up, might be around the corner as Portland based startup Object Theory is looking to be a leading software development agency for HoloLens apps, and says they're "the first Microsoft HoloLens software company".


On their website Object Theory states their mission is to help “organizations design, develop, and launch mixed reality applications for Microsoft HoloLens” as they believe “augmented reality will have a transformative impact of the way we work, live, and play.” The company hopes to support developers through the entire cycle, from design and development through marketing, deployment, analytics and maintenance.

In a note about their process, Object Theory says they are, 

“...a full-service software development agency for Microsoft HoloLens, our focus is working with organizations from the initial spark of the idea through launch, and everything in-between.”

The company’s founders bring a mix of complimentary experiences that is hopefully ideal for the untested waters of developing full scale consumer and enterprise mixed reality apps.

Founding Partner Michael Hoffman brings firsthand experience working with HoloLens apps as a Principal Engineering Lead at Microsoft Studios. While at Microsoft Studios, Hoffman worked on Keystone, a proof-of-concept developed with Trimble Navigation Limited, and OnSight, Microsoft and JPL/NASA's HoloLens collaboration for the Curiosity Rover.

Founding Partner Raven Zachary brings a long list of app development that started with founding iPhoneDevCamp in 2007 and being selected as the director of the official Obama ’08 campaign’s iPhone App. From this he went on to create his own mobile application development company, Small Society, which was responsible for launching mobile applications for everyone from Amazon, to Starbucks, to Zipcar.

So far Object Theory is only announcing their formation at this time, and not any projects. But if you are interested in Object Theory, or building augmented reality apps for HoloLens, you can reach out to them as they are also looking to recruit developers, animators, and artists.

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